TriPollar Skin Tightening

Oxygeneo RF technology is the third and latest generation in Radio Frequency. An advanced (RF) technology in the Medical Esthetic industry today. Skin Tightening treatment using Oxygeneo TriPollar RF is an effective, painless and non-invasive skin treatment with immense benefits. TriPollar RF treatments give the skin a fresh tight rejuvenated appearance.

How it works:

Oxygeneo TriPollar handset delivers focused RF energy to the skin surface and subcutaneous layers. The energy heats the skin and causes the collagen fibers to contract inducing immediate skin tightening. TriPollar RF energy is known to stimulate natural collagen generation which results in substantial improvement in the appearance of wrinkles. Never before has a facial treatment offered such instant and effective results in a pleasant and relaxing way. TriPollar delivers immediate and long term skin tightening and rejuvenation. This treatment when combined with the Oxygeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial , produces incredible results.

Treatment benefits:

  • Tightens skin on the face
  • Treats and reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Face sculpting
  • Face Lifting
  • Smooths Jaw Line
  • Lifts Sagging Skin
  • Smooths the skin on the neck

You must previously undergo a 15 to 30 minute consultation prior to the treatment.

(Treatment series packages are available)