Caroline MacDonald RPN, CCE, CLT

Owner, Medical Esthetician

Caroline MacDonald began her career in the medical field as a Registered Practical Nurse, working 10+ years in a hospital setting. She has over 35 years of experience in the hair removal, skin and beauty industry. She is a licensed Medical Esthetician, Certified Clinical Electrologist, a graduate of the Montreal Edith Serei Academy and a Certified Laser Technician, graduating from the Nicolas Finch Laser Academy in Kelowna B.C. Caroline is a member of the College of Nurses of Ontario, and a member of the Canadian Organization of Professional Electrologists. Her objective is to provide the latest in cutting-edge technology to deliver scientifically proven, clinically validated, safe and effective methods of Laser/ IPL Hair Removal and Laser Skincare Treatments. She loves educating and helping her clients look and feel their best.

Why Choose Us

Extensive Professional Experience

With over 35 years in the beauty industry and a background as a Registered Practical Nurse, Caroline MacDonald offers a wealth of experience for effective hair removal and skincare treatments.

Certified Expertise

Caroline holds numerous certifications, including Medical Esthetician, Clinical Electrologist, and advanced Laser/IPL technology, ensuring clients receive professional and knowledgeable care.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Caroline is committed to utilizing the latest scientifically proven methods for safe and effective laser IpL Hair Removal and skin care solutions, providing clients with state-of-the-art treatment options.

Tailored Skincare Solutions

Every individual’s skin is unique, which is why we pride ourselves on providing personalized skincare treatments designed to meet your specific needs. Caroline MacDonald’s comprehensive understanding of skin health, combined with her nursing background, ensures that each client receives not only aesthetic enhancements but also benefits from a holistic approach to skincare. Whether you’re seeking to address specific skin concerns or simply aiming to maintain your skin’s natural vitality, our bespoke services cater to your goals.

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Unlock the secret to flawless skin with Caroline MacDonald, your expert in transformative skincare and beauty treatments. With an extensive array of certifications and over three decades of experience, you are in the hands of a true professional. Whether it’s pioneering laser technology or advanced skin rejuvenation you seek, we have the tools and expertise to tailor a regimen that’s perfect for you. Don’t wait to start your journey to a more confident and radiant you—contact us now to schedule your personalized consultation and experience the pinnacle of professional skincare!

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